Why Empower Change?

We at Empower Change understand that change can be difficult for organisations and that is why we are here. We are the Change Management Consultants that help organisations all across Australia find new opportunities and/or grow in their industry through innovation. Our team has 20+ years of Project Management and Change Management experience in various business fields so we know what questions to ask and how to set up a clear road map to get to their goal with minimal disruptions, faster results and maximum outcomes.

The success of a change implementation is dependent on the individual’s involvement throughout all stages of the transformation. We are the innovative Change Management Consultants who support organisation's people to be part of the journey.

When you work with us you will meet with the A-team and work with the A-team to get the best result. We aim at being successful, on budget, on time and achieve the expected benefits and beyond. If your company is seeking new opportunities or has a change coming up that needs facilitation by experienced experts we can make that happen efficiently and effectively.

Working with us means:

  • Access to Experts with 20+ years of hands on experience in Project & Change Management
  • Reducing the risk of low and poor adoption
  • Achieving the best possible outcomes on time and on budget

70% of attempts of internal change implementation fail due to underestimating the effort, lack of planning and poor communication. With effective implementation of Change Management you raise the success rate from 30% to as high as 96%.

We are Change Management Consultants that help organisations all across Australia improve their business and achieve maximum Return Of Investment faster and with better results.


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