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Do you consider your company profitable? Do you believe you could be more profitable? With our assistance you can improve your business, make more money and impact your bottom line.

Research found that 87% of start-ups go down under 3 years. Each week 44 close their door. It isn’t only start-ups who go from profitable to unprofitable; for example Kodak, a successful multinational, whose shares in 2012 dropped value to US$1 and ultimately changed business directions.

Efficient use of time + a productive team= Increase of value

Our formula is: efficient use of time + a productive team= increase of value. Do you have a solid base for the first 2 components? Are you using your time as effectively as possible? Are your people passionate about your business goal and do you have the right people in the right position?

Increasing profit and value is what every business aims for however it often requires a fresh set of eyes to see where you can improve. To increase your value we can work with you and provide:

  • Upskilling/ training - more skilled gives more productive use of their time
  • Coaching – provides tools that enable improved time management
  • Evaluation of communication – better communication less waste of time
  • Evaluation and improvement of processes – getting the job done without time wasting
  • Evaluation and Implementation of a positive culture

A change can impact the entire organisation but with a clear road map and assistance to minimise opposition, it can maximise your productivity and ultimately your Return of Investment.

Have a chat with us about your challenges and desires for growth/improvements. We know how to listen, what questions to ask and when to offer our honest opinion.

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