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Is your business growing too fast and you don’t know how to keep up? Or are you losing business due to a lack of productivity? Or is your business stagnating and losing direction? If you could answer yes, maybe or a little, to any of those questions then you have come to the right place. We are the Gold Coast Change Management Consultants to help you get through the change, prepare for the future and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Good Change Management increases the likelihood of meeting objectives in time and on budget by 6 times. - Prosci

Our process is simple: we assess the gap between A, where you are now, and B, where you want to be. We will determine with you whether the problem is related to time, people or money and build a clear road map with milestones and deliverables so you can achieve your goal.


Empower Change: The Change Management Road Map


The Gap is the distance between where you are now and where you want to be. We are here to support you to close that gap by investigating and defining 4 key areas:

  1. Your people and their skills; e.g. Leadership, ability to learn
  2. Your culture; attitudes and habits
  3. Your processes and technology
  4. Your strategies, plan and direction

Once we know where your company stands and where it needs to be we can define the Gap we need to bridge.

Gap Assesment
Step 1 of the Empower Change Road map: Gap Assessment


The following is indicative of what we offer the different size businesses.

Table Gap Assestment


To get the most out of your business improvement you need a plan with milestones and deliverables that ensures you are on progress and going in the appropriate direction. Once we have investigated and defined the gap between A and B, we can map out what you need to do and how, in order to get closer to your business goal.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail


The following is indicative of what we offer the different size businesses.

Plan Table


We want your company’s journey to be as smooth as possible and to get there we use agile project management. This means that we split the project up in small sections and adjust the approach according to insights gained to ensure you achieve your desired goals.

Change and being able to adapt to change is now part of doing business. To ensure long-term survival and prosperity in this ever-changing environment, organisations need to become change-ready.


The following is indicative of what we offer the different size businesses.

Action Table


A successful business needs to ensure they maintain their improvements and keep their people, culture and systems running smoothly to maximise Return Of Investment and Return Of Time Invested.

However, competition won’t sit still and neither can you. To ensure you stay one step ahead it is vital to keep reviewing what you are doing and how it can be done better. We can help you in the forms of:

  • Scheduled reviews around people, culture, processes and performance
  • Change Management coaching and mentoring so that the key leaders have the tools to continue the journey
  • Upskilling staff to sustain performance
Graphic Consulting
Change Management Graphic Business growth vs Time.- Empower Change Consulting, Gold Coast


The following is indicative of what we offer the different size businesses.

Sustain Table

Have a chat with us about your challenges and desires for growth/improvements. We know how to listen, what questions to ask and when to offer our honest opinion.

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