Simple Intro to Change Management – Engaging Your Workers

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Here is a simplified story that explains why putting on a "Change Management Hat" in the workplace is worth the effort (names and places are fictitious):

Joe was part of a group of 10 in a team that developed applications. His role was to make sure it was bug free (well you know that really means no major bugs). 

As part of their improvement program the organisation wanted to bring in automated testing of the areas that could be automated so that Joe could focus on building those tests and do the manual tests that still needed to be done.

Joe was not enthusiastic about this and argued that he was doing a better job doing what he was doing and that the change would initially reduce quality.

What was going on for Joe? He was doing what all humans do when confronted with a change to what is happening in their life - letting the part of the brain that responds to fear take over. 


Very few of us see change as an opportunity, most of us fear it as it means we need to learn something new and that means we are temporarily no longer in control.


What was needed was to cater for Joe's fears. Does he need support to learn the new tool? Does he need support to learn the processes that go with the new approach? What needs to be done to support Joe so he won't feel he is going to fail?

I hope this is helpful.

Written by: Frank Yarsley

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