‘Improv your Training!’ How our behaviour and words affect each other

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Breakout session:

'Improv your training!'

Training insights from the world of improvisation and theatre sports

The final blog post in the series of  the Future of Learning 2015 Conference of The Institute of Learning Professionals. Below the key takeaways and tips from the breakout session 'Improv your training!':

- by Gabby Button: http://futureoflearning.com.au/speakers/gabby-button/


“See opportunities, not threats”

- Gaby Button



  • Improv is about: being spontaneous and imaginative and about team work
  •  Take the unexpected and do something unexpected with it
  • Improv helps to understand how our behaviour and words affect each other
  • Theatre sports: 99% of skill development are done through games and activities
  • “There is power in looking silly and not caring that you do” = get out of your comfort zone
  • Create awareness of different moods, for example: happy versus mad
  • Mutual support and discovery. Give each other support and practice with improvising
  • Video YouTube: ‘Whose line is it anyways’ – funny!
  • Stay in the moment, respond to what you hear
  • Build on other contributions. Say ‘Yes great idea, and…’ instead of ‘Not a good idea…’
Five rules = The fundamentals of Greatness
  1. Listen – Pay attention to what is going in
  2. "Yes! And…" - Accept what has just been said and build on it
  3. Trust – Be willing to give up some control, trust your team mates
  4. Play – Have fun, it makes everything better!
  5. Failure – Commit 100% and be willing to fail “


"Actions speak louder than words and eye contact practically screams!”


Keen on reading more about Improv training? Click here for an interesting Forbes article.

As you can see in the previous blog postings too, we truly learned a lot at the ILP Conference 'The Future of Learning'. We shall keep you posted on our future events/workshops and share our key takeaways with you.

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Written by: Marlie van Doorn

Date published: 27/11/2015


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