How to stand out as an Authority in your field

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‘How to stand out as an authority in your field?’

- by Barry Moore:

The next blog post in the series of  the Future of Learning 2015 Conference of The Institute of Learning Professionals. Below the key takeaways and tips about how to stand out as an authority in your field.


"Make sure that you are recognised for ‘one specific thing’ so people remember you."

- Barry Moore


1. It starts with you and who you are.
2. What is your brand message?
3. Who is your ideal customer and what is their problem?
a. Create content that solves their problem and builds authority
4. Where do you direct people to?
5. This is your hub.
a. Syndicate the content where your ideal customer ‘hangs out’
b. Be available!

6.  Link all your Social Media content back to your website.
7. Tip: Create a video, cut out the audio (Podcast) and let someone type it = Social Media postings. You can generate more content with just one video.
8. Create an Opt-In for people that download templates of your websites.
9. Statistics: “People tend to be exposed 7 times to a certain product before they purchase.”
10. Keep your audiences warm – update and post regularly.
11. Tool: ActiveCampaign = Automate your email marketing using contact triggers and automation rules based on your contacts activity.


Have you asked yourself the right questions to be able to profile yourself as an Authority in your industry? Feel free to ask us for input, we are here to help.


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Written by: Marlie van Doorn

Date published: 05/11/2015

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