Communication: Key to Successful Business Improvements

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This time of the year we hear a lot about how business is doing. The analysts call it Reporting Season. Where the investors look forward to good news, rising share prices and increasing dividends.


With this as a business driver we hear executive management talk about sales, profits and costs as they are all linked to the share prices and executive rewards system. For middle management the focus is on service, quality, efficiency and effectiveness. These are drivers for customer satisfaction as well as reducing support and production costs. Next come the group who develop, deliver and support the services and products provided. The worker bees.


How do each of these groups communicate, within and across the groups?

  • Do they understand what drives each group?
  • Do they understand how each group contributes to the overall success of the business?
  • Do they understand what contributes to their happiness at work? 


Good communication supports any improved understanding:

  • Management communication allows staff to understand how each of the parts make the whole, and how small changes add up to worthwhile improvements.
  • Staff communication allows information to flow up and across; providing feedback and ideas that can contribute to those improvements.


For any improvements to ‘stick’, staff at all levels, from upper management to those at the coal face, need to be happy in the workplace. ( Happy employees are 12% more productive )


The SCARF Model is one tool that provides an insight into how staff can be happy in the workplace. This model indicates that each of these factors can contribute or influence how we respond to events (whether we see a threat or a reward).


STATUS: One’s sense of importance relative to others.

CERTAINTY: One’s need for clarity and predictability about the future.

AUTONOMY: A sense of control over the events in one’s life.

RELATEDNESS: One’s sense of connection to others.

FAIRNESS: Just and non-biased exchange between people.



Written by: Frank Yarsley


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