"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandh

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The team of Empower Change Consulting is actively involved in our (local) community

 to help effect real change to build a better future

. We also like giving back in the form of donating to charities and by sponsoring a selection of special events and inspiring individuals.

Community Alliances

Frank Yarsley, Director of Empower Change Consulting and Business Solutions for IT, has been involved in the community for many years, and is also co-founder of PICT, see more information below.

IT Forum Gold Coast

http://itforumgoldcoast.com.au IT Forum Gold Coast

The IT Forum is a Gold Coast based non-profit organisation that works to improve ICT skills and employment opportunities on the Gold Coast. It is supported by the City of Gold Coast and with this support works as an umbrella organisation as well as offering support to other specialist ICT groups, advocating Gold Coast ICT to government and industry, working with TAFE and Griffith to offer students work experience and TAFE to offer skills pathways.

In respect to working to provide employment opportunities the Forum has set up Productive ICT to focus on this area.

Productive ICT

http://pict.com.au Productive ICT

Productive ICT was set up to provide members with access to tenders and work that would normally require management outside of the member’s current capabilities. PICT is working with committed members so that they have the documentation and capabilities that allow them to participate in the alliance work.

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