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About Griffith University

Griffith University opened its doors in 1975 to 451 students. To date their student population has grown to 44,000. They have flourished into a comprehensive, research-intensive university ranked in the top 3% of tertiary institutions worldwide.

The Project

We were asked to do an in-depth review on the effectiveness of a technology delivery services group in order to ensure a better positioning of the team and services in an increasingly competitive market field.

Our Approach & Services

We reviewed the current delivery services group and the services it offered. Additionally, we interviewed 19 key stakeholders including Vice Chancellors, Directors and Managers. Ultimately, we offered recommendations for how this function should be structured and supported to prepare for a more competitive future.

The Results

The project finished with a report of recommendations on:

  • Where the technology delivery services group should report.
  • How the technology delivery services group could improve.
  • Additional actions that will support the success of these recommendations.

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